Dark Deep Thoughts

Dulu masa kecil-kecil, nak sangat cepat jadi dewasa Sebab boleh cari duit, boleh beli barang-barang Boleh kahwin, jaga raise a child or two Tapi sekarang, rasa nak je jadi budak-budak balik Sebab tanggungjawab yang terpaksa digalas besar dan berat sangat
Pretty sure semua orang ada rasa nak bunuh diri That ‘can somebody just kill me right here right now’ feeling Personally, I’ve got this feeling many times in my whole life Kalau nak compare dengan orang kebanyakan I consider myself sebagai seorang yang under achiever So memang tak kisah langsung bila fail something That’s why I will celebrate whenever I succeeded doing something
But what happens when I don’t? Just continuous failure every day, every week That’s when depression sets in Macam parasite, eating its way out of you Like a devil spitting negativity at you Making you question every single thing you do Until you stop doing it altogether Because ‘ what’s the point? I’m not getting any better’ And because ‘I tried my best and failed, he didn’t eve…

Time Waits For No One

2017 is nearing its end So lets review this year Well, for start, I managed to get into my fourth year of degree That’s a plus, right? I found a part-time job in Japan That’s something to talk about 2 months working got me 10 kgs slimmer That’s a major plus especially for me
Here’s the thing with being obese You get many more sickness with being fat Your back will start to hurt Apparently because your back muscle can’t support your big fat stomach Your knees will start to give away even though you’re starting to work out in  order to lose some weight That’s some real dilemma right there. You will need to buy new clothes to hide your man boobs You start to distance yourself from other Afraid of the public shaming 90 kg is not that different from 100 kg to be honest So, why bother anyway?
I had been able to cross a lot of my wish list and my to-do list Such as getting to 3k mmr ranked in Dota 2 Buying a ps4 and a copy of Fifa and climb the division ladder Bought a gopro to record my ‘journey’ in Japan Oh, rem…

Random rants

The nightmares have been harsh today as well. As the seasons change, from summer to autumn, so does my life style. One big and apparent changes are my sleep pattern, which needs adjusting as the sun rises later by the day, where before the sun rises much earlier. Before, 3 a.m would be perfect for a morning walk. But now, 5 a.m the sun had just shown its orang streaks. As a muslim who had to wake for his Fajr prayer everyday, I too had to adjust to this change. Before, I can easily stay awake and pray my Fajr at 1.30 a.m. but now to stay awake until 4 a.m in the morning is no easy task. Therefore I now usually sleep in early and wake up early or sleep early and wake up for my prayer before resuming my sleep, the usual being the latter.
However, sleep was not my time of rest as due to my irregular sleep patterns, I usually wake up still feeling tired as if I hadn’t had any sleep at all. Plus, with all the stress piled up from my daily work, the nightmares come frequently now, which is the purpo…

One Day一日

Yaaaaawwnnnn Uhhhmm, what time is it? 10.01a.m? Ughh, I woke up again today? When will I never wake up again, god? Dying in my sleep seems like the best way to go right now. Oh fuck, guess I have to go to my lab again today. Should I shower today or did I took a bath today? Maybe I should, I don’t really want to go early anyway.
10.34 a.m, pretty good timing. I have to go to my lab from 10 to 6 everyday from Monday to Friday ‘As a preparation for adulthood’ where you have to go to work 9 to 5 Bullshit, Sensei’s probably just want to torture us 10.30, 10.45 is a good time to go because as long as you come in before 11,you’re early But 10a.m on the dot, that’s way too early. As per usual, I’m of the first to arrive of the forth years. Check the calendars, turn on my computer, check my email
Then, I start up the software I been using, which until now I haven’t the slightest idea on how to use it without referring to the manual I have to calculate the resonance frequency in a rectangular resonant cavity W…



Hey,how's it going? I know i haven't updated anything since forever but i'm just so fucking busy right now.  Now i won't bore you to death with small details but if any of you were wondering what have i've been up to since returning to japan from my 1 month break -aku berjaya masuk 4th and final year of my bachelor's degree program(eventhough cuak gila sebelum tu sebab dapat call yang mungkin kena repeat year) -dapat kouhai baru and went to a lot of programs together -(ter)masuk research lab yang maha teruk lagi neraka -aku pindah rumah,slightly bigger,tapi no longer living alone -i'm currently doing a part-time job(as seen on my insta stories haha)
And that's about it.
But!!! That's not the only thing i wanted to write about this time.Noooo,this time,shit's different. Yeah,i've changed a bit.Most of you probably can tell from my tweets and this post is gonna tell you why and how and whether it's a good thing.
So,where do I start? …

I'm feeling 22

Salam Hey, how’s it going? As of right now, I’m officially 22 years old. Funny how they say years old and not years young. Probably because the numbers keep on increasing and not decreasing. Anyhow, I’ve decided to make this entry to be a fun facts about me. Warning, read at your own risk sebab bosan nak mati lol Just to get started, I’m gonna give just a few this time and this will be updated from time to time sebab nak list down banyak2 at once sumpah payah. So let’s get started. 1.Tell me about yourself Nama Naim, tapi aku bagi nama kat sendiri `nayeem’ sebab growing up in Malaysia, orang bukan melayu tak boleh pronounce my name correctly thus it sounded like nayeem, plus I needed a nickname for my in-game character. Umur 22 tahun. Born in Shah Alam, Selangor, bred all over(cewah). Anak Sulung dari 5 beradik. Hobi main games and baca buku. My alma maters include SKBK(2), SJIKL and ASiS. MJHEP batch 3,JAD14. I’m a self-diagnosed anti-social, socially awkward and have low self estee…

Grow Old with Me

Assalamualai… *uhuk uhuk* *blew imaginary dust bunnies* Salam,how’s it going bros and sis? It seems an eternity ago since I’ve updated this blog of mine haha Sorry,it’s just that I’ve been so busy with…. *oh shut up,just admit you’re the laziest mother…* OK OK I ADMIT IT!!! Jeez Ok I’m lazy, I’ll admit. It’s just that I can’t seem to put aside time to write here. Instead, I just try my best to cram it all that I’m doing od thinking into just 140 characters and just tweet it. Cause it just seems faster  and time efficient that way.
Anyhow, what is up with me, you might ask. Well, I just came back from spending the night at le friends house, playing FiFA and stuff. It’s 6:40 a.m and I just hate wasting my weekend sleeping,so here I am, updating my blog. I’ll just try my best to just shortly update what’s going on since my last update until now.
If you know me well enough, I’m the kind of person who is easily interested in different kinds of stuff such as games, guitars, books, sports a…