I'm feeling 22

Salam Hey, how’s it going? As of right now, I’m officially 22 years old. Funny how they say years old and not years young. Probably because the numbers keep on increasing and not decreasing. Anyhow, I’ve decided to make this entry to be a fun facts about me. Warning, read at your own risk sebab bosan nak mati lol Just to get started, I’m gonna give just a few this time and this will be updated from time to time sebab nak list down banyak2 at once sumpah payah. So let’s get started. 1.Tell me about yourself Nama Naim, tapi aku bagi nama kat sendiri `nayeem’ sebab growing up in Malaysia, orang bukan melayu tak boleh pronounce my name correctly thus it sounded like nayeem, plus I needed a nickname for my in-game character. Umur 22 tahun. Born in Shah Alam, Selangor, bred all over(cewah). Anak Sulung dari 5 beradik. Hobi main games and baca buku. My alma maters include SKBK(2), SJIKL and ASiS. MJHEP batch 3,JAD14. I’m a self-diagnosed anti-social, socially awkward and have low self estee…

Grow Old with Me

Assalamualai… *uhuk uhuk* *blew imaginary dust bunnies* Salam,how’s it going bros and sis? It seems an eternity ago since I’ve updated this blog of mine haha Sorry,it’s just that I’ve been so busy with…. *oh shut up,just admit you’re the laziest mother…* OK OK I ADMIT IT!!! Jeez Ok I’m lazy, I’ll admit. It’s just that I can’t seem to put aside time to write here. Instead, I just try my best to cram it all that I’m doing od thinking into just 140 characters and just tweet it. Cause it just seems faster  and time efficient that way.
Anyhow, what is up with me, you might ask. Well, I just came back from spending the night at le friends house, playing FiFA and stuff. It’s 6:40 a.m and I just hate wasting my weekend sleeping,so here I am, updating my blog. I’ll just try my best to just shortly update what’s going on since my last update until now.
If you know me well enough, I’m the kind of person who is easily interested in different kinds of stuff such as games, guitars, books, sports a…

Post kimatsu

Hey,how's it going? As per the title,i'll tell y'all a bit about what i'm doing after my kimatsu(final exam) Of course,it was disastrous,i just hope next sem will be better
So,last paper was on the 9th,10th of august i think I have planned a trip to climb mount fuji on 18th and 19th,my flight was on the 15th of august because i want to lepak a bit and went sightseeing tokyo,ala2 lawat kawasan sikit lol Tidur rumah mus 1st day,jalan2 ueno,ginza mana lagi tah,bukan ingat sangat,ikut je si mus tu.oh amin dengan kerf pun ada sekali,diorang tidur rumah mus gak.oh yeah,i'll probably post a few pics down below once i finished posting this entry,because right now i'm typing on my phone so quite hard to choose the right photos Second day gi shinjuku,harajuku,mana lagi tah,best lah jalan2,ramai gaijin,try ayam goreng halal,freshness burger and yang paling best,saizeriya sebab kat hokkaido takde saizer(kedai boleh makan daging)
Second day gak aku gerak ke takao,…


Hey how's it going?
sorry that i haven't been posting here a lot lately
been super busy since coming here
i really like to show you around where i live in muroran,although there's not much
but there's something here and there
so,instead i maybe post a few pics from my phone gallery

so how's life?
well,fyi not beautiful really
at first,it might feel like a dream that i finally arrived in muroran but as the days goes by,all the classes,all the jikken(experiments) classes,all the reports,plus the fact that I can't release my stress by eating kfc or subway(how i miss the foods in malaysiaTT) just make me more stress.
the cold weather was perfect as first,but that was up until mid May at least
now,it just getting hotter by the day,with a few rainy days in between which makes the weather cooler
the lack of friends also hit me hard sometimes,but i've been there before so it's not really a problem
i would say the lack of family affection too but my parents came…

Nihon ni imasuyo!!! 日本にいますよ!!

Finally,sampai juga aku ke bumi sakura,jepun ni setelah menempuhi perit jerih selama 3 tahun kat bumi *****,beranang haha Matlamat aku bukannya specifically nak gi jepun pun dari kecil(although i did imagine doraemon,dragon ball,naruto and what not here in japan,they were one of the driving forces for me to study hard - -) Tapi dekiru dake(seboleh-bolehnya) aku betul2 nak further study lepas spm aku kat luar negara,sebab aku tengok memang berbeza graduate local and graduate oversea(and since i really hate politics,aaaand cause i know very little of them,i won't go all politics this time)
Why? Well for starters,its like ryokou(melancong) sambil study,or study sambil melancong,depends on how you see it lol.aku baru 3 hari kat sini tapi dah banyak aku jalan,sampai sekarang tumit aku sakit2 lagi haha Next,dapat belajar second or 3rd language.well this applies only to countries aside from english speaking country like japan and russia cause malaysia wajibkan study english kat …

All's well that ends well

Hey,how's it going? Agak lama juga lah menyepi dari blog ni I know i promised to write on my birthday haritu tapi tulah,aku pun manusia,kita hanya mampu merancang kan? Sebenarnya,haritu aku ingat nak tulis macam fun fact sikit pasal aku ke apa masa birthday tapi something came up.
Since then,macam2 dah jadi. My,where to start? Ok,start dari hari lepas birthday aku kot. So my birthday falls ok thursday,kan?pastu hari jumaat tu sepatutnya aku nak gi binding report fyp aku tapi benda paling malang jadi kat aku,benda paling malang yang boleh jadi kat seorang yang baru lepas habis final Cuba teka apa benda? Boleh agak? Ok aku bagitahu lah jawapan dia. Resit Bukan resit bila kau beli barang tu Resit paper,paper denjiki(electromagnetism)
By the time aku dapat call kena resit,memang down habis.dah lah masa tu nak keluar gi mines,nak relax and binding report fyp,pastu dapat pula berita malang ni.tapi alhamdulillah study2 lepas.
Tap tak habis lagi,ada short keizai(economi…

Post kimatsu(final exams) punya post



hey,how's it going?
so,aku baru je habis final and i must say,lega sangat bila dah finally habis.
dulu waktu start sem 2 U2 ni,dah plan dah macam2 nak buat bila lepas habis kimatsu ni,yelah yang tinggal lepas ni hanya lah fly je ke jepun tu.(walaupun ada short sem yang macam tah pape je)

oh,sebelum tu aku nak perkenalkan lah member baru aku.nama dia rog,asus rog.yoroshiku neee.

aku dapat dia ni a few days prior tu kimatsu,which was kinda tempting cause he is a gaming laptop,soo.....yeah you get the gist.
spec mantap kalau based on member2 aku, so yeah....wkwk
anyhow,i expect a lot of great memories to be made and achieved together with this guy.dah plan macam2 dah,nak buat video,photoshop,edit blog post mantap2(lewl),stuffs like that.tapi basically,nak buat kerja programming gak lah,tu kena sentiasa ingat.

ni komputer lama aku.dah lama dah aku dengan dia ni,6 tahun beb.iroiro arigatou ne.

dah banyak dah aku buat dengan dia ni,berjuta2 gb,all those sleepless nights …